HoaP 6: Poland and PH-Neutral

We’re going back to CONFidence and PH-Neutral and for the ridiculous last minute price of $2,600!  That includes airfare, rail travel, conference admission, and lodging.

This is the last time we’ll be able to do this trip, as 2011 marks the final PH-Neutral.  And, as you all know, the crazy things that happen in Krakow during CONFidence stay in Krakow.  (Well…mostly.)

And we’re able to offer this special price from the West Coast or East Coast!   That’s right, you can depart from LAX, SFO or JFK for the same price!


May 22: Travel / Depart USA (LAX, SFO or JFK)

May 23: Berlin to Krakow / We’ll all meet up in Berlin and take the night train straight to Krakow.  Sleeper accommodations will be provided, we will be sleeping on the train!

May 24: Krakow / Arriving in Krakow in time for the first day of CONFidence and spending the night in budget accommodations within tram distance from the conference.

May 25: Krakow / Second Day of CONFidence, another night in Krakow!

May 26: Krakow to Berlin / Depart on the day train back to Berlin, check into the Adrema Hotel (which is across the street from the PH-Neutral Venue in Moabit, Berlin.)

May 27: Berlin / We’ll be hitting up the Museum Insel (Museum Island) on our first day in Berlin.  Then, in the evening, we’ll be enjoying the first night of PH-Neutral!

May 28: Berlin / PH-Neutral will be in full swing, hopefully most of us will be awake in time to catch the talks.

May 29: Berlin /  Celebrate the last morning of PH-Neutral!

May 30: Travel / Depart back for the USA!  (Note: SFO/LAX passengers will be arriving very early in the morning on June 1.)

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