Makers flying to 27c3 on Hackers on a Plane!

The schedule for the 27c3 is out, and the third year of the Make Track is still going strong.  Interested in making your own microfluidic PCB printer from an Inkjet or learning everything you need to know about controlling household devices with libusb?  Maybe obtaining decommissioned high-end FPGA based hardware for crypto cracking at home is more your speed.  There are tons of talks and workshops, including Mitch Altman’s 72 hour round-the-clock hardware hacking workshop.

Got a talk you want to present to an international audience?  The growth in the 27c3 has led to a brand new B-Sides conference called BerlinSides, which is still accepting talks!

If this is your first time going to the congress, there’s still a few tickets left to fly out on Hackers on a Plane 5.0.  The first HoaP trip helped launch the global hackerspaces movement and has been connecting hackers, makers and other geeks from around the world ever since.

The trip includes airfare, accommodations, local transportation, conference admission, other goodies as well as the adventure and hacker camaraderie that comes with every HoaP…all at the lowest price possible.  The presale ends on November 22.

(Photo Credits: Jon Åslund and Mitch Altman)

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