Hackers in Japan 2010

We’re getting ready to make history again, this time in Japan.

Hackers on a Plane has been breaking through cultural and national barriers since our first trip to the 2007 CCC Camp in Germany.  That trip brought together the founders of HacDCNYCResistor and Noisebridge, the spaces that helped launch the global hackerspaces movement.   HoaP 1.6 and 2.0 brought hackers from the US to Plumbercon in Vienna and HAR in the Netherlands.

HoaP 3.0: (Secret Squirrel edition) is classified.

Now we bring you HoaP 4.0: Hackers in Japan!  Why November?  That’s the month for hacker events in Japan.  PacSec and AVTOKYO coincide with HoaP 4.0, as well as special events being held for HoaP at Tokyo Hackerspace and 4nchor5La6.

Like every HoaP voyage, HoaP 4.0 is designed to:

  • Provide exclusive entrée into the local hacker community.  Hackers who travel on HoaP form lifelong friendships with the hackers they see abroad as well as the ones they travel with.
  • Give a complete introduction to the local culture and customs so you can travel like an expert on your next trip to Japan
  • Help bring the global hacker community closer together by rallying worldwide support and attention for hackers in the communities we visit.

What’s included for $3,133.70:

  • Airfare:
    • Direct, non-stop flights between San Francisco (SFO) to Tokyo Narita (NRT)
    • NEW East coast option:  Flight from Washington Dulles (IAD) the evening of Nov 3 with a free night stay in SFO and return flight included for no extra charge!
  • Lodging:
    • 9 nights in Tokyo at Sakura Hotel in the Ikebukuro District
    • Special One-Night elite conference at a traditional Japanese Ryokan
    • 5 nights in the Weekly Mansion Osaka at Otemae
    • 1 night stay in a Capsule Hotel near the airport
  • Transportation
    • 7 day Japan Rail Pass including a voyage on the Shinkansen bullet train
    • Local transportation to/from the airport
    • ¥4,000 PASMO Tokyo Metro card
  • Special HoaP Events

HoaP 4.0: Hackers in Japan Itinerary

3 Nov (Wed)Baltimore-Wash.East coast passengers depart evening, spend night in San Francisco
4 Nov (Thu)San FranciscoAll HoaP 4.0 Passengers depart SFO Noon
5 Nov (Fri)TokyoArrive NRT early evening, check into hotel
6 Nov (Sat)TokyoAkihabara tour
7 Nov (Sun)TokyoHarajuku (Cosplay, Yoyogi Park and Meji shrine)
8 Nov (Mon)Tokyo, NikkōDay trip to Nikkō
9 Nov (Tue)TokyoVisit Tsukiji Fish market
10 Nov (Wed)TokyoFree day, your choice!
11 Nov (Thu)TokyoFree day, your choice!
12 Nov (Fri)TokyoExplore Shibuya, Karaoke
13 Nov (Sat)TokyoWorkshops at Tokyo Hackerspace
14 Nov (Sun)ŌsakaTravel to Ōsaka on the Shinkansen and spend night in Ryokan
15 Nov (Mon)Ōsaka, KyotoDay trip to Kyoto
16 Nov (Tue)Ōsaka, NaraDay trip to Nara
17 Nov (Wed)Ōsaka, HimejiDay trip to Himeji
18 Nov (Thu)ŌsakaFree day, your choice!
19 Nov (Fri)ŌsakaFree day, your choice!
20 Nov (Sat)Ōsaka, TokyoTravel back to Tokyo, stay in Capsule Hotel
21 Nov (Sun)TokyoDepart NRT at Noon. Arrive SFO in the Morning, East coast passengers depart late afternoon