HoaP 9: Hackers for Japan

Tokyo, MTM06, Kimono Cafe dinner, Nov-10Follow our adventures on Twitter!  Search for the hashtag #hoap9 and follow our adventures on the blog.

Trip Schedule:

Day 0: 05 Nov: Fly to Japan
Day 1: 06 Nov: Tokyo: Arrival, time change adjustment (Blog Post)
Day 2: 07 Nov: Tokyo: Orienteering, planning, napping (Blog Post)
Day 3: 08 Nov: Tokyo: Imperial Palace, Tokyo Hackerspace meeting!
Day 4: 09 Nov: Tokyo: PacSec Day 1
Day 5: 10 Nov: Tokyo: PacSec Day 2
Day 6: 11 Nov: Tokyo: Akihabara
Day 7: 12 Nov: Tokyo: Design Festa 34 and AVTokyo
Day 8: 13 Nov: Tokyo: BBQ, Auction and Soldering Workshop at Tokyo Hackerspace
Day 9: 14 Nov: Travel to Osaka
Day 10: 15 Nov: Osaka
Day 11: 16 Nov: Kyoto
Day 12: 17 Nov: Hiroshima / Itsukushima Shrine
Day 13: 18 Nov: Nara
Day 14: 19 Nov: Free Day
Day 15: 20 Nov: Return Tokyo, fly back to USA

Photo courtesy Mitch Altman

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