Why should I go with Hackers on a Plane?

Because it’s an unparalleled adventure.  You start off getting thrown on a plane with a group of other hackers, and end up with new friends from around the world that you might not have gotten to know as well if you booked your own trip.  It’s guaranteed to be good for your psyche, very likely to be good for your career, and every once in a while it’s your chance to help launch a global movement.

Why are trips priced at a round hackerish figure like $3,133.70 or $2,600.00 and the like?

Because it’s more honest than charging the next highest figure that ends in 9.  It also gives you a target to save up for.

Why does Nick Farr always wear a suit?

On the First Hackers on a Plane to the CCC Camp in 2007, Nick wanted to make sure that he could always be found as well as making sure he could social engineer his way out of any situation.  All a HoaP Passenger had to do was ask any random person, “Hey, did you see the guy in a suit?” and he could be easily found.  He also managed to get everyone through customs, made several trips to the hospital, helped convince people to give money to C-Base and gave interviews to lots of media folk, all while impeccably dressed.

No, seriously, what’s the real answer?

It’s easier to convince the cops in foreign countries to let you out of jail when you’re angry, American and in a suit.

What if I have something to add to this FAQ?

Leave a comment, and we’ll try to add something right away!


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