Beds left, but only for New Year’s!

Wow, we filled up very quickly for the nights of congress!  But we have the following availability if you would like to spend New Year’s/Silvester in Berlin!

  • Double Room (December 31 – Jan 2, 2 Nights)
  • 1 Bed in a Double Room for a Female (December 31 – Jan 2, 2 nights)
  • 4 Beds in the Master Suite (December 30 – Jan 2, 3 Nights)

Apologies to all those who e-mailed us looking for spaces for congress!  We can personally recommend Last Year’s HoaP site, the Sunflower Hostel or, check out the Accommodation page on the 27c3 wiki for other options!

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We have a few spare beds available!

UPDATE:  We actually only have spots left for NYE/Silvester. Thanks to everyone who thought of us for their Berlin travel plans!

We just sold the last HoaP 5.0 ticket to Dan Kaminsky.

But we have lots of space open in the HoaP 5.0 Hacker Hotel at the Pension Reiter, a hotel in walking distance from the BCC and C-Base (where BerlinSides is being held)!

You’ll also get to hang out with neighborly HoaP passengers Dan Kaminsky, Travis Goodspeed, Nick Farr, CP from DC949, the BX Brothers from Brooklyn and folk from Hackerspaces from all over the world!

Only 4 spots are left for 27c3, and 9 spots open for New Year’s Eve in Berlin!  And the best part is that they’re really cheap!  Stay from €40/night for the nights of congress (27 Dec to 30 Dec) and only €55/night during Silvester (30 Dec to 2 Jan), or discounts for a full stay.

As we no longer accept PayPal or Credit Cards, bookings must be made via Bank Transfer or Cash payable the first night.  E-mail 27c3 as soon as possible to reserve your spot as these nights are going to move very quickly!

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We no longer accept PayPal or Credit Cards

Effective immediately, we no longer accept PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

Frankly, the Wikileaks controversy was the last straw.  We’ve been more or less at the mercy of PayPal since we started operations and we’ve gone through almost every kind of hassle you can think of dealing with them.  Which is really silly, considering they take 3% of every transaction processed.

From now on, we will accept only Cash, ACH or SWIFT bank transfers, and checks.  In the short term, this will make life more difficult.  If you have an American Express card, we can take payments over the phone or on site through Square.

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Just one more ticket left for HoaP 5.0 to the 27c3

There’s just one more ticket left.  And it disappears December 12.

Airfare, Hotel, Conference Admission (yes, our 27c3 tickets are confirmed) and Local Transport is all included.  Of course, the adventure of being on a Hackers on a Plane is priceless.

Get all the details you need on the HoaP 5.0 page or e-mail info with your questions.

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Another video from MTM06!

Here’s another video from MTM06, the last thing we went to on HoaP 4.0. We’re still working through all the pictures from that trip, and we’ll be posting some before we head out on HoaP 5.0!

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Video from MTM06!

This is a video about the Make Tokyo Meeting 06 from Tokyo local TV station Tokyo MX.  They interviewed HoaP 4.0 participant and Make contributor Mitch Altman, whose clip starts around 02:23

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HoaP 7.0 Presale: $1,337.00

UPDATE: This batch is now sold out.  If you tried to buy a ticket, but could not because PayPal required you to sign up for an account, please e-mail paypalhatesme and we’ll get you sorted out at the $1,337 level.

So we’ve gotten a lot of inquiries regarding the Hackers on a Plane to the Chaos Communications Camp in August of 2011.  Yes, we are returning to the camp and it’s planned as HoaP 7.0.

Because most of you inquiring are on a budget, we’re doing a special presale for the camp.  We’re offering 5 tickets for $1,337.00 — the same price as the very first Hackers on a Plane.

As an added bonus, we’re going to make this trip a truly global adventure.  Thanks to friends we’ve made in Japan on HoaP 4.0, we’re going to be running flights to the camp from Japan (NRT), Brazil (GRU),  Australia (SYD) as well as Seattle (SEA), Los Angeles (LAX),  San Francisco (SFO), Chicago (ORD) and New York (JFK).

And yes, the presale price is valid from any of those airports.

For at nearly half off the expected price of $2,011 (JFK) you’ll get:

  • Round Trip Airfare from any of the above listed cities to Berlin (Arriving 7 August 2011, returning 20 August 2011)
  • Eurail Pass for the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
  • Pre-Camp Two Night Relaxation and Tour Package in Potsdam
  • Flight from Berlin Schoenefeld Airport directly to the campsite
  • Admission to the Camp
  • Individual tents, air mattresses and sleeping bags at the camp (setup included, if you prefer)
  • Three prepared hot meals daily and a stocked 24 hour DIY food hacking kitchen in the “Hackers from Afar” camp.
  • Voucher for a free 15 minute flight above the campsite
  • Hackerspaces tour including three star accommodations through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria after the camp

All this for only $1,337.00.  As this is well below the expected cost of the trip, only five tickets are available, and they’re gone when they’re gone.  We will launch the full sale with the actual price from our departure airports after the 27c3.

And, yes, if you decide you can’t go to the camp, this ticket is fully transferable to whomever you wish until July 4, 2011.

Any questions? As always, e-mail info

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Makers flying to 27c3 on Hackers on a Plane!

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The schedule for the 27c3 is out, and the third year of the Make Track is still going strong.  Interested in making your own microfluidic PCB printer from an Inkjet or learning everything you need to know about controlling household devices with libusb?  Maybe obtaining decommissioned high-end FPGA based hardware for crypto cracking at home is more your speed.  There are tons of talks and workshops, including Mitch Altman’s 72 hour round-the-clock hardware hacking workshop.

Got a talk you want to present to an international audience?  The growth in the 27c3 has led to a brand new B-Sides conference called BerlinSides, which is still accepting talks!

If this is your first time going to the congress, there’s still a few tickets left to fly out on Hackers on a Plane 5.0.  The first HoaP trip helped launch the global hackerspaces movement and has been connecting hackers, makers and other geeks from around the world ever since.

The trip includes airfare, accommodations, local transportation, conference admission, other goodies as well as the adventure and hacker camaraderie that comes with every HoaP…all at the lowest price possible.  The presale ends on November 22.

(Photo Credits: Jon Åslund and Mitch Altman)

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Tokyo Hackerspace Lecture

Here’s an audience shot of the talk I gave at the Tokyo Hackerspace about funding models on Tuesday night.  On Saturday, Mitch Altman did a hardware hacking workshop, followed with my usual hackerspace fundraising auction in the evening.  Lem Fugitt has a great photo montage of the event:

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LOLcats: Tokyo Subway Edition

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